AndLogy is a platform that offers various design services, also aiming to be a learning hub for young professionals.

I am Andac, the founder. After earning my bachelor’s degree in 2010 from Karadeniz Technical University – Architecture department, I gained my master’s degree in Project and Construction Management  from Istanbul Technical University in 2014.

I have worked on design projects for over 10 years and given consultancy services in the field of project management.

Andac Kaptanoglu

MSc. Architect

In 2017, I started giving lectures about architectural design, professional orientation and computer aided design in both architecture and interior design departments of a university in Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition to my architectural background, I am a self-taught software developer; have been developing web and mobile applications in the areas that I am passionate about such as project management and language learning.

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• Architectural Design
• Construction Drawings
• Visualization

• Interior Design
• Construction Drawings
• Visualization

• Web Design
• Logo Design
• Branding

• Time Management
• Cost Management
• Design Management